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Darnell "Crab Man" Turner (Eddie Steeples)


Darnell Character: Darnell "Crab Man" Turner
Actor: Eddie Steeples

Character Biography (Source: Wikipedia)

Darnell (usually called „Crab Man“ by only Earl Hickey) works as a cook at the local restaurant, Ernie's Crab Shack (hence his nickname). Darnell began having an affair with Joy Darville while she was still married to Earl. He is the father of Joy's younger son, Earl Jr. (who Joy had while she was still married to Earl, and was obviously supposed to be named after him). Joy eventually leaves Earl to be with Darnell. Despite this, he and Earl are always on good terms and always greet each other with the well-known exchange:

Earl: „Hey, Crab Man!“ Darnell: „Hey, Earl!“

After the first time they meet, Earl cannot remember his name, thus beginning his calling him „Crab Man.“ It was revealed 1×19 Y2K episode that Darnell's real name is Harry Monroe, but he was forced to change it through the Witness Protection Program. Joy throws him out after learning this, believing everything she knew about him was now a lie, but takes him back after he convinces her that his feelings are genuine. He has a fondness for cheese, a pet box turtle named Mr. Turtle, and a cactus named Mr. Prickly. He is almost always seen wearing a wifebeater shirt. In the episode entitled „Buried Treasure,“ Darnell reveals through an inner monologue that he graduated college at the age of 14, is a virtuoso cellist, and can identify 254 varieties of cheese blindfolded, but cannot disclose his past as he is in the aforementioned, Witness Protection Program. He has shown considerable skill in archery, but says that he „is still a little rusty.“

Although generally calm and soft-spoken, Darnell is implied to be quite intelligent and occasionally makes highly intellectual statements, which the others usually ignore or brush off. Darnell claims that being in the witness protection makes him nervous about finding out his true identity, which makes him jumpy when answering questions asked by strangers. Unlike most of the characters on the show, Darnell is not a habitual criminal. He once attempted to steal an old woman's purse (most likely at Joy's urging) but immediately gave it back and apologized.

In the pilot, it is mentioned that his parents had recently thrown him out for growing weed in their trailer, though only his mother is seen at his wedding. In 2×12 Our ‚Cops‘ is On, in 2003 he was discovered by the police to be growing cannabis in his grandmother's a­partment in plain view; at the time his grandmother was unaware what the plants were.

He has a sister, Daneesha, who is also present at his wedding. He mentions in one episode that his family had actually emigrated from Canada, though given his past, this may not be true. While visiting a wealthy friend in the episode 2×20 Two Balls, Two Strikes Darnell said he „could get used to living like this again“, suggesting he came from a wealthy background before entering the Witness Protecion Program. In a previous episode, he also mentions that the moon landing was filmed in a family member's garage, perhaps giving us a hint of the circumstances behind his relocation.

Actor Biography (Source: Wikipedia)

Eddie Steeples (born November 25, 1973 in St. Louis, Missouri) is an American actor.

Long interested in an acting career, Steeples studied theater at the St. Louis Repertory and moved to New York in the mid-1990s. There he joined an experimental film group, Mo-Freek, and a hip hop group, No Surrender, to which he still belongs. Among the Mo-Freek productions he has starred in are Lost in the Bush, Caravan Summer, and People Are Dead. He also starred in the short film Whoa and appeared as a guest on The Chris Rock Show.

Steeples became nationally known when he was cast as the „Rubberband Man“ in a series of award-winning commercials for OfficeMax, featuring the 1976 song „The Rubberband Man“ by The Spinners. Steeples' performance in those commercials led him to be named one of the „World's Sexiest Men“ of 2004 by People magazine. He has also appeared in the feature movie Torque, starring Ice Cube, Faison Love, and Jaime Pressly.

Steeples appeared in the movie Akeelah and the Bee, starring Laurence Fishburne and Angela Bassett, released in April 2006. An independent movie written and directed by Doug Atchison, Robbers, is now in post-production, and Steeples has recently starred in a new Mo-Freek production called „When Is Tomorrow“, which he co-wrote and co-produced with Kevin Ford.

Steeples appears as Darnell Turner (also known as „Crab Man“) in the sitcom My Name Is Earl, which premiered September 20, 2005. In the episode 1×13 Stole P'S Hd Cart, he parodied his role as Rubberband Man. In this episode, the show's main characters worked together briefly in an office. Darnell's assigned task was to distribute office supplies out of a shopping cart.

Steeples was in Thailand on December 26, 2004, and survived the Asian tsunami which left approximately 230,000 people throughout the Indian Ocean region dead or missing.


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