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Donny Jones (Silas Weir Mitchell)


Donny JonesCharacter: Donny Jones
Actor: Silas Weir Mitchell

Character Biography (Source: Wikipedia)

Played by Silas Weir Mitchell — Earl's friend and fellow reformed criminal. Hot-headed Donny was wrongly convicted of attempted robbery (it was Earl wearing Donny's jersey) and served two years in prison. During his prison term, Donny began reading the Bible and subsequently found Jesus. Once Earl confessed to Donny about committing the crime, Donny had no choice but to forgive him. He has two tattoos: one of Jesus on his chest, from which he occasionally seeks advice; and one on his buttocks of Moses parting the Red Sea. Along with Earl, Randy, Joy, and Darnell, he took over a department store on January 1, 2000 after they believed that the rest of the human race had been wiped out by 1×19 Y2K. (In fact, the store was simply closed for the holiday, and most of the town's inhabitants were attending a local parade). Earl says that Donny scares him because he has „crazy eyes“, even though he is good now.

Actor Biography (Source: Wikipedia)

Silas Weir Mitchell is an American actor known for playing disturbing or unstable characters.

He has had recurring guest roles in 24 (as Eli Stram), My Name Is Earl (as Earl's ex-con friend Donny Jones), and Prison Break (as escapee Charles „Haywire“ Patoshik). It is significant that in both Prison Break and My Name Is Earl he plays the role of a crazy prisoner. He also played the role of the keymaker in the movie Rat Race and also appears in The Whole Ten Yards. Mitchell also made an appearance on CSI: Miami and Boomtown.

On the DVD commentary for Prison Break he mentions he had previously auditioned on Prison Break for the role of Theodore „T-Bag“ Bagwell.


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