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1x16 The Professor


Episode pictrue 1x16 The ProfessorAir Date: nbc logo February 9, 2006
Writer(s): Danielle Sanchez-Witzel
Director: Marc Buckland

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Community rating: 84.7 %

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Synopsis (Source: Wikipedia)

The guy in room 203 at the motel kills himself, so Catalina shows Earl and Randy some of the stuff up for grabs. They find a laptop computer, but the motel owner has already called dibs on it. However, Earl remembers one of the items on the list, „Stole a Laptop from a Car“, and sees it as a sign to cross it off the list. Earl remembers when he first got the laptop, and liked to watch the fish swim across the screen (which is actually the screensaver), his favorite being the blue one, which he calls Poncho.

Earl and Randy drive off to the parking lot where Earl stole the laptop, while Randy tries to find more information on the owner in the laptop. However, Randy activates the screensaver, and Earl is distracted by Poncho swimming around. This causes Earl to run into a bus stop sign, knocking it over. Earl promises to fix it tomorrow, and adds it to The List as number 263, „Broke down bus stop sign while watching Poncho the blue fish“.

Randy finds an address on the bottom of the laptop, and it turns out it belongs to an Alex Meyers at a nearby college. Earl has never been good around smart people, so he's a bit nervous when he goes to return the laptop. One their way, they find one of the fraternity houses, and Randy wants to stay and have some fun. Earl says that he can stay there until he comes back. Earl tries to find Alex Meyers and is surprised to find out Alex is a woman. Earl has never known how to handle himself around smart women, and his nervousness makes Alex afraid of him, resulting in her kicking him in the groin when he approaches her. He quickly explains that he is here to return the laptop he stole, and explains his List to her.

Alex finds it fascinating that Earl has simplified karma and is interested in his experiences with it, and she asks him to talk at her classes tomorrow. Earl, having become attracted to Alex, agrees, forgetting his promise to fix the bus stop sign. Immediately, bad things start to happen to Earl. After almost getting hit by a rocket at the Frat house, Earl remembers the bus stop sign, and thinks that the bad things are Karma punishing him for forgetting The List and spending time with Alex. Earl says he doesn't care, and that Alex is worth it.

Alex invites Earl to a cocktail party, and while there, Earl is attacked by bees. Earl explains to Alex that this is Karma punishing him, and that he has to cross something off his list. Earl tries to get a college student to punch him (to try to head off Karma), but the student is freaked out by Earl's swelling face (additionally, he is turned off from recreational drugs because of this). Earl goes outside, and tells Karma to do its worst, as Alex is worth it. Nothing happens, so Earl thinks he has won and goes to find Alex. However, Alex has also been attacked by bees. Earl realizes that if Karma can't get to him, it will go after those around him. Earl tells Alex that he can't be around her, as it would be too dangerous for her. Alex understands, and wishes Earl good luck in finishing his list.

Earl fixes the bus stop sign, and when he gets back to the motel, he finds a post card from Alex in the mail, telling him to never give up on his list, and reminding him that he has someone waiting for him when he finishes the list.

Official Storylines (from NBC)

KARMIC REVENGE – On their way to return a stolen laptop, Earl (Jason Lee) and Randy (Ethan Suplee) knock over a bus stop sign. Earl promises an elderly woman that he'll fix the sign after returning the laptop, but he is sidetracked by the computer's owner, the beautiful college professor Alex Meyers (guest star Christine Taylor, „Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story“). When Alex takes a keen interest in Earl and his list, the two begin dating, but Earl can't help but notice that he is constantly the target of bad accidents and random acts of violence. At first he chalks it up to plain old bad luck. Then Earl remembers that he has yet to fix the bus stop sign and decides that karma is punishing him for causing people to miss the bus every day. Meanwhile, Randy embraces collegiate life and begins pledging a fraternity. Nadine Velazquez also stars.


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