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1x17 Didn't Pay Taxes


Episode pictrue 1x17 Didn't Pay TaxesAir Date: nbc logo March 2, 2006
Writer(s): Michael Pennie
Director: Craig Zisk

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Community rating: 86.3 %

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Synopsis (Source: Wikipedia)

Earl and Randy are watching TV in their room, when Catalina comes in to vacuum. She finds a pair of pants that belong to Earl, and in one of the pockets are some checks from an odd-job he and Randy did a while back. Earl remembers the item „Didn't Pay Taxes,“ and decides that now is as good a time as any. Randy, however, decides that he's going to buy a moped with his money. Earl heads to city hall, but when he tries to give them his money, he finds that they don't want it because they didn't ask for it. Earl, frustrated, sees a suggestion box, and puts his check in it with the note „I suggest you take this money. Earl Hickey.“

Earl goes to the Crab Shack, thinking that all is good, only to have Joy pester him about not having changed his address with the government, and gives him a letter that turns out to be Earl's check. Earl doesn't know what to do, but Randy wants him to come with him while he tries out his new moped. While driving down the road, Randy hits a pothole and wipes out. Randy's ok, although a bit dazed, and Earl decides that he can pay off the government by filling in the pothole. After getting some supplies, Earl gets to work, but a cop comes along and tells Earl that only Government workers can do road work, and if he doesn't stop he'll be forced to arrest him. Earl stops, but then remembers that he does know some government workers who wouldn't mind letting him help. He finds a group of prisoners doing road maintenance, and explains to one of the officers that he wants to help to pay off a debt to the government. The officer agrees, and Earl joins in after telling Randy that he might as well head home. After a while, another officer tells the prisoners that it's time to go back, and tells Earl to get on the bus back to the prison. Earl tries to explain that he's not a prisoner, but the real prisoners try to use his excuse too. The officer tells them all to be quiet or else, and the bus drives off to the prison. When the prisoners are told to go to their cells, Earl tries to explain that he doesn't have a cell, so the officers throw him in solitary. After a few days, the officers realize that Earl was telling the truth and set him free.

Earl can't think of a way to pay back the government, until Randy comments that he should just cross it off, as the government has already taken a lot of Earl's money through various fines. Earl thinks that his last option is to get himself fined, so he and Randy climb on top of the water tower, which Earl knows will get them a fine of $500. They climb right to the top, and tie themselves to the flag post at the top. After a few hours of them not getting caught, Randy suggests they wrestle to past the time. After a bit of wrestling, the roof gives way into the empty water tower, but Randy and Earl are stuck hanging in the air due to being tied to the roof. Earl tries to climb out, but doesn't have the strength. Randy starts to worry that no one will find them, but Earl says that somebody will notice his car and come looking for them, without knowing that his car is being towed at that moment. The sun sets, and Randy realizes he has two candy bars on him. He tosses one to Earl, who was caught by surprise and it falls to the bottom of the water tower. Randy starts to eat his, but Earl demands half, and after trying to get it, Randy's falls to the bottom of the water tower too. Earl is upset, saying this is all the government's fault. However, due to a chain of events leading from Earl's car being towed, the government realizes that Earl and Randy are in the water tower. They rescue them and fine Earl $500. Earl pays the fine, and happily crosses the item off his list.

Official Storylines (from NBC)

OVERDUE TAXES – Earl (Jason Lee) realizes that he had been cheating the government by failing to pay his taxes in the past. After adding, „cheating the government“ to his list, Earl becomes determined to pay the government what he owes, but apparently they don't want his money. Earl's attempts to settle his debt leads him to conjuring up unconventional payback methods. Ethan Suplee, Jaime Pressly, Nadine Velazquez, and Eddie Steeples also star.


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