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1x22 Stole a Badge


Episode pictrue 1x22 Stole a BadgeAir Date: nbc logo April 27, 2006
Writer(s): Victor Fresco
Director: Marc Buckland

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Community rating: 86.2 %

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Synopsis (Source: Wikipedia)

Earl and Randy find an old officer badge that they stole years ago near a river. Earl explains in a flashback during his „crook“ years, he and Joy stole shoes containing valuables in bowling alleys. After Earl finds an officer's badge, He, Randy, Darnell, and Joy began to take advantage of it. Realizing the badge had too much power, Earl decides to throw away the badge. Now that the badge had come back to haunt him, he must give the badge back to its rightful owner.

He takes it back to the police station where the police officers, all female, all recognise it. It belonged to their brother, Stewart, who is now looking after the toilets nearby. Early and Randy look at Stewart in their car and Earl realises that in stealing the badge, he has stolen Stewart's chance of getting a promotion.

Earl and Randy hatch a plan to get Stewart's job back. Earl finds out that Stewart is always at the diner at 4.30 pm. Making sure that Creepy Rodney is listening, Earl puts down his coat on a table with a gun with blank rounds in it. Creepy Rodney takes the gun and gets ready to rob the diner the following day. Earl and Randy wait in the El Camino. Everything is going to plan. Stewart arrives at the diner at 4.30, Creepy Rodney comes five minutes later. He attempts the rob the diner, but when a waitress screams at him, he screams as well and fires the blanks into the floor. Earl and Randy run out, thinking that Creepy Rodney has killed someone, and notice that among all the commotion, Stewart is hiding behind the counter.

Earl and Randy devise another plan, this time with Joy’s help. The plan this time, is to encourage Creepy Rodney to steal Joy’s shoes at the bowling alley, another place where Stewart spends most of his free time. Despite Joy’s attempts to get Stewart’s atten­tion, the plan is a failure. Earl confronts Stewart and ask why he didn’t arrest Creepy Rodney. Stewart tells Earl that he didn’t want the job of a police officer – it was his mother’s idea. After all, she was the head of the police department. He says although the police force was in his blood, it wasn’t in his heart. He wanted to be a professional bowler and he has the most „Perfect 300“'s at the bowling alley. Earl befriends him and shows him the List. Stewart sees all the crimes that Earl has committed and decides he wants to be a police officer again. A bemused Earl is arrested on the spot. Randy tries to help Earl get away but Earl tells him that he has to go to jail. Fortunately, Stewart gets distracted and Earl runs away. Stewart reaches for his bowling ball and brings Earl down with it. He releases Earl from his handcuffs and realises that instead of reaching for his gun he grabbed his ball therefore deciding his future job – a professional bowler. He wishes Earl all the best of luck with the List and Earl is all the more happy to cross him off it.

Near the end, Creepy Rodney is crouched in a dark alley emptying the shoes he stole. Music imitative of „Gollum's Song“ from Lord of the Rings plays. The badge falls out of a shoe and Rodney cradles it lovingly. He then attempts to use it to get 5 women to take off their clothes, but it turns out that the women are Stewarts sisters and mother, all police officers, and he is arrested. At the end, Joy reclaims the badge that Rodney dropped on the ground and uses it to steal a coat.

Official Storylines (from NBC)

AN UNLUCKY STRIKE – While hanging out next to a storm drain, Earl (Jason Lee) and Randy (Ethan Suplee) come across an object from their past--a police badge. Several years earlier, Earl, Randy and Joy (Jaime Pressly) engaged in a scam in which they stole people's shoes, including the contents inside, at a bowling alley. One item this scam yielded was a police badge. With the reemergence of this badge, Earl tracks down the police officer it belonged to in order to take care of number 127 on his list, „stole a badge from a police officer.“ Earl finds that the cop suffered a demotion as a result of having his badge stolen. Earl devises a tactic to get the officer's job back. Nadine Velazquez and Eddie Steeples also star.


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