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2x07 Mailbox


Episode pictrue 2x07 MailboxAir Date: nbc logo November 9, 2006
Writer(s): John Hoberg, Kat Likkel
Director: Michael Fresco

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Community rating: 79.4 %

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Synopsis (Source: Wikipedia)

In order for her to feel better about herself, Earl enlisted the help of Catalina for his next item on the list, number 75: Used the mailbox as a trashcan. Earl recalled when he and Randy were too lazy in the trailer park, to throw garbage in the dumpster across the park, so they used the thing closest to them, the mailbox.

Randy decided to help Earl deliver some of the mail that was neglected in the box. When Randy went to Joy with a letter, she opened it up and discovered Darnell’s secret: that he had really been in the Witness Protection Program and had assumed a new identity of Darnell. Joy kicked him out of their trailer.

Earl found an unsent letter and delivered it back to the owner. The man, Will was thankful and told Earl the story of how the letter was meant for a personal trainer who he was in love with years earlier. Will explained that he used to be a body builder, but let himself go because he thought Wendy had retrieved the letter and wanted nothing to do with him.

Will was worried some man was going to sweep Wendy off her feet. Earl offered to watch over Wendy while Will got back in shape. Problem was Earl was beginning to fall in love with Wendy. Wendy found the letter that Will had meant to send. She thought it was Earl’s letter, so she responded to it with a kiss.

Joy was still mad at Darnell for not revealing his true identity. So, she plastered his face on a billboard for all to see. He begged for Joy to take him back. He confessed that he couldn’t take the risk of losing everything he loved, including Joy. She decided to take him back.

Wendy was meeting Earl at The Crabshack for her date with Earl. Will was there, too. He confessed about the letter he had written Wendy. Catalina was responsible for getting Will and Wendy back together. Earl wasn’t happy with Catalina, but knew she was only doing the right thing.

Official Storylines (from NBC)

SHAMROCK MILKSHAKE, THAT WAS A GOOD DAY; JENNY McCARTHY GUEST STARS – Bored with her life, Catalina (Nadine Velazquez) offers to help Earl (Jason Lee) take care of number 75 on his list by cleaning out a mailbox that he once used as a trash can. Catalina discovers an undelivered letter stuck at the bottom, and Earl is determined to find its rightful owner. Turns out it’s a long lost love letter from trailer park resident Will (Johnny Sneed) to his former gym co-worker Wendy (Jenny McCarthy). Earl agrees to keep an eye on Wendy while Will gets back into shape for her. Meanwhile, Joy (Jaime Pressly) kicks Darnell (Eddie Steeples) out after discovering he’s in the witness protection program. Ethan Suplee also stars.

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