Old News - 10 - My Name is Earl

Old News - 10

» Greg Garcia about guest star Alyssa Milano and Michael Rapaport

Greg GarciaGreg Garcia, the series creator and executive producer said: „We have two very strong actresses on the show, so when we were going to bring in a third for a few episodes, we knew we had to get someone with some real presence. Alyssa is a popular TV star and we're delighted to have her join us for what will be a great storyline.“

„I've also been a fan of Michael Rapaport for a very long time and recently had the pleasure of working with him this past spring on a pilot for CBS. I've always wanted him to come do a guest spot on 'Earl', and now that he had the time, we found the ideal role for him. He fits perfectly into our world and we're very excited to have him joining us.“ he added.

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» Next new character in season 3: Alyssa Milano, Craig T. Nelson

Alyssa MilanoAbout Franc (Michael Rapaport), Earl's fellow inmate, i'm already alluded in older news. Craig T. Nelson Now are known information on more new character. First is Alyssa Milano (Charmed). Alyssa is joining the cast of My Name Is Earl as a possible love interest for Jason Lee (Earl Hickey). Alyssa is on show for at least eight episodes. Next new character is warden and will him play Craig T. Nelson. Nelson be known as Jack Mannion from TV Show The District or from movie Incredibles, where dub main hero. Vincent PastoreExcept this character of course will appear a lot of actors in roles of other prisoners. For example actor Vincent Pastore that the starred though in show The Sopranos. Meet also with original character. That is Sonny (Leo Fitzpatrick) and starred already in 1×01 Pilot.

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» Free Earl! – Video clip

Watch as Camden County passionately unites in song to Free Earl! Here is this music video. Available is also song in MP3 format and Making of Video.

Free Earl!

Update Sep 9: Now available this music video on YouTube.

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» Episode 301: Description

Here is official storyline:

My Name is Inmate no. 28301–016 still photoINMATE #28301–016---SEASON PREMIERE--- Earl (Jason Lee) begins his jail sentence and discovers that life is not easy behind bars. He persistently tries to find out the best approach to surviving in his new environment. Meanwhile, Joy (Jaime Pressly) finds out, after a few failed attempts, the perfect gift to pay Earl back for taking her spot in jail comes in the form of taking care of Randy (Ethan Suplee), who is also having a hard time adjusting to his new life without Earl. In prison, Earl is sought out by a bully, who has lived most of his life in jail as a result of Young Earl's mischief. This new life for Earl behind bars must mean years of bad karma or does it? Also starring Nadine Velazquez as Catalina and Eddie Steeples as Darnell.

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» Episode 301: title + photos

First episode of season 3 has title My Name is Inmate no. 28301–016. Here's couple of a photos from this episode (NBC Photo: Trae Patton):

My Name Is Earl 301 Photo 1 My Name Is Earl 301 Photo 2 My Name Is Earl 301 Photo 3

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» New recurring character on season 3

Michael RapaportMichael Rapaport (TV Series „The War At Home“) will be joining My Name is Earl season 3 as a recurring character. Rapaport will play a prisoner in the jail where Earl is serving time. One hour season premiere: Thursday, September 27 (8–9 p.m. ET).

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