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Old News - 9

» Episode 305 – Made Frank's Girl Dump Him: Description

Here is official storyline:

THE BREAK-UP -GUEST STARRING MICHAEL RAPAPORT- It is conjugal visiting day at the Camden prison. Since Earl (Jason Lee) has no one to visit him, Frank (Michael Rapaport) asks if he will explain to his girlfriend why he cannot be there. Frank’s girlfriend breaks up with Frank because of Earl, and Earl feels it is his job to get her back. Meanwhile, Joy (Jaime Pressly) gets herself into a messy situation with Catalina (Nadine Velazquez). Ethan Suplee and Eddie Steeples also star.

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» My Name Is Earl fans site – join us

If you would like to help out around here (be a content writer, review episodes, correct my bad english, etc…) please e-mail me: jasper@mynamei­searl.cz Thanks.

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» Episode 304 – The Frank Factor: Description

Here is official storyline:

Episode 3x04 photoMARRIAGE OR JAIL? –MICHAEL RAPAPORT GUEST STARS– Earl (Jason Lee) is visited by Joy (Jaime Pressly) and is surprised that another prisoner also in visitation happens to be someone both Joy and Earl know. Frank (Michael Rapaport), an old friend of Earl and an old coworker of Joy, describes how he ended up in prison. The story takes place right before Joy and Earl met, and helps explain how many of them grew to become a part of each other's life. Eddie Steeples, Ethan Suplee, and Nadine Velazquez also star.

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» NBC has New Website + Randy's Blog

NBC logoThe NBC has a brand new web site. This new website includes a better design, better to navigate interface etc. Official My Name Is Earl website has also new design. In the end something about Randy. Randy write a blog. You can find here Randy's latest thoughts or whatever he's written about last week.

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» Earl star Jaime Pressly takes Emmy

Jaime Pressly (Photo: WireImage.com)Jaime Pressly was named best supporting actress in a comedy series at the 2007 Primetime Emmy on Sunday in Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles. Jaime Pressly has been nominated once before for an Emmy. In 2005/2006 she was nominated in the same category of Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy for her role in „My Name is Earl“. My Name is Earl this year garners 6 Emmy Nominations. For a complete list of nominations and winners click here (creative arts list here).

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» Episode 303 – The Gangs of Camden County: Description

Here is official storyline:

LOVE THY ENEMY? –CRAIG T. NELSON GUEST STARS– With karma back on his side, Earl (Jason Lee) is approached by the jail warden (Craig T. Nelson) to help resolve one of the biggest problems going on in the jail yard. There are feuding gangs constantly breaking out into fights, and Earl is asked to resolve these gangs' differences. If he is able to settle this conflict, he will receive a lesser sentence. Earl accepts the task and finds out a lot more than he bargained for. Meanwhile, Randy (Ethan Suplee) is still suffering from Earl withdrawals and continues to search for ways to be reunited with his brother. Jaime Pressly and Eddie Steeples also star.

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